Autotrac offers many benefits to operators, including optimized machine efficiency, reduced operator fatigue, and the ability to work as faster speeds.  Autotrac is the premier assisted steering system in the guidance industry. Autotrac is also available for a selected range of older John Deere and non-John Deere vehicles by use of Autotrac Universal Steering kit.

The AutoTrac™ Universal (ATU) Steering Kit 200 is a mobile guidance solution that will bring additional productivity to farming operations throughout the growing season. The ATU 200 operates with hundreds of equipment platforms using all levels of StarFire™ accuracy.

Autotrac Controller is an integrated AutoTrac solution for older John Deer and non-John Deere tractors.

iGuide automatically guides the implement onto a guidance path.  The system is ideal for seeding, planting, pre-emergence tillage, broadacre spraying, or even strip-till applications.

iTecPro is an innovative module that automates vehicle and implement functions associated with end-of-row turns.

Active Implement Guidance is an active implement guidance system that automatically steers the implement onto the desired guidance line.  The system teams up with an implement steering mechanism to provide increased implement precision.

Rate Controller allows the GreenStar display to integrate with many implements, such as non-John Deere pull-type sprayers, liquid maure spreaders, liquid fertilizer systems and some planters.

Rate Controller Dry is a component that allows the Greenstar 3 2630 display to integrate with non-John Deere self-propelled ad pull-type dry box spinner spreaders.

NEW! Mobile Weather uses a weather sensor connected to the Application Controller 1120 to display real-time weather information, including wind speed and direction, Delta T, and temperature and relative humidity on the John Deere GreenStar 2 or GreenStar 3 displays. However, only the GreenStar 3 2630 Display is capable of documenting (recording) weather data, which can be transferred to Apex or other third party farm management software for analysis and record keeping.