Get the big picture with Greenstar Displays

A Greenstar display gives you deeper visibility into your operation and promotes higher levels of machine and operator performance, better fuel efficiency, and improved input placement and yields.

1.  Greenstar 3 2630 Display

The GS3 2630 is the latest innovation in displays from John Deere and offers you maximum efficiency, productivity, and premium features.

Key features:

- NEW Improved touch-screen display

- NEW Access Manager (operator lock-out)

- NEW Video capability

- NEW USB data port

- NEW Enhanced stand-by mode

- ISOBUS display for enhanced compatibility

- Run single or multiple applications at once

- Customised home page

- Comes preloaded with: Parallel Tracking (for manual guidance), Field Documentation, Map-based Prescription, Harvest Documentation, and On-screen mapping.

2. Greenstar 2 1800 Display

This entry-level display has a simple interface and a smaller price tag while still offering lots of great features.

Key features:

- 18cm full colour display

- Easy to use scroll wheel

- Keys set up for quick one-touch operation

- USB data port

- Comes preloaded with Parallel Tracking (for manual guidance), On-Screen Mapping (visual reference to verify field coverage), Iso combatibility, and GreenStar Rate Contoller combatibility.