JDLink™ is a telematics system remotely connecting equipment owners, farm managers and dealers to selected John Deere equipment in the field.

Consisting of a communications controller, wiring harness, and antenna that receives GPS and transmits cellular signals, JDLink™ continuously collects and transmits machine data for machine management purposes via mobile phone technology to a data server wirelessly. It is then processed and can be accessed by the user through an Internet-connected computer or sent in real time via test message or email.

Available in two packages either Select or Ultimate there is a level of sophistication to suit your needs.

 JDLink™ Select is capable of managing the following information:   

 - Roadmap/satellite map and driving directions

- Machine hours

- Geofencing

- Curfew alerts

- Maintenance management

- Machine utilisation profile

- Enables Service ADVISOR ™ Remote on approved platforms

JDLink™ Ultimate is capable of managing the following information: 

- Machine status and comparison

- Advanced machine utilisation

- Customer alerts

- Export/scheduled email report

- Remote diagnostics via diagnostic trouble codes

- System usage information


Apex farm management software allows you to archive historical farming practices as well as input data about what you are doing today.

At the end of each day you can unload the field data from your Data Card into Apex. After the data is unloaded, maps and reports can be generated to easily visualise how previous management decisions impacted production and what improvements can still be made. The intended outcome of such decisions is not only to maximise profit but to maximise efficiency and become more environmentally safe.

Apex data can help to:

 - Make appropriate management decisions  

- Enhance and maximise crop productivity

- Minimise input costs

- Optimise soil nutrient levels

- Compare hybrid/variety productivity

- Compare and analyse harvest data for multiple years

- Visualise field trends across multiple years

- Identify and control field drainage issues

- Identify, analyse and control pest infestations

- Create accurate and adaptable prescriptions

- Appropriately plan input purchases