John Deere are proud to introduce the Starfire 3000 Receiver which is leading the way with better accuracy and greater efficiency.

The StarFire™ 3000 receiver key features include:

-  66-channels

-  Access to multi-frequency differential Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) plus access to additional satellite signals,

-  True 3D integrated terrain compensation, it responds faster and more accurately to changes in terrain.

-  More reliable positioning in areas with intermittent satellite availability or in other uncontrollable satellite environments = Less Downtime!

-  Upgradeable accuracy, with the Starfire 3000 you have the ability to increase the level of accuracy without having to purchase a new receiver.

Accuracy levels

 With this receiver you can get started into precision guidance at the accuracy level you need at the time. From Parallel Tracking™ to precision-guidance AutoTrac™ assisted steering, to the 2.5 cm, repeatable accuracy of StarFire™ RTK, the StarFire™ 3000 Receiver grows with you.

Scalable accuracy

To accommodate a wide range of accuracy needs and to offer unmatched upgradeability, StarFire™ 3000 is available in different configurations: SF1 world solution, SF2 ready, and RTK.

SF1 world solution

The base-level StarFire 3000 ships with the capability of using the John Deere-exclusive, free-to-air SF1 differential correction signal. SF1 delivers +/- 10-in. pass-to-pass accuracy†, adequate for non-row-crop guidance applications including tillage, mowing, broad-acre spraying, and fertiliser spreading.

SF2 ready

For those who need higher accuracy, StarFire 3000 can be upgraded to SF2 ready. SF2 delivers accuracy of +/- 4 in.†, which is ideal for row-crop planting. SF2 is ideal for windrowing, seeding, and higher accuracy tillage. SF2 allows customers to operate in lands, skipping rows and always ending with a perfect pass. This allows the operator to turn easily at the headland, reducing wear on equipment and also reducing the number of headland rounds required. An SF2 subscription is also required.

StarFire RTK

For users who require additional accuracy, a SF2-ready StarFire 3000 can be upgraded to RTK by adding the RTK radio and RTK activation. RTK delivers 1-in. repeatable accuracy*, and is available via our Dealership Network of RTK Base Stations. RTK Subscription is also required.