Ashburton Nissan Parts and Accessories

Drummond and Etheridge understands that parts are most valuable when they’re on hand. For that reason, the parts division stocks a comprehensive range of parts at both the Ashburton and Timaru locations and regularly courier items between workshops, to ensure same-day service. 

Our team reccommends fitting genuine Nissan parts (as do the manufacturer and most insurers). By choosing genuine Nissan parts you can rest assured that you have chosen the safest, best fitting, best performing, 100% guaranteed parts that you can rely on.

Why buy genuine Nissan parts?

  1. Quality: Genuine parts are specifically designed and manufactured to Nissan’s quality standards, and match parts that were originally fitted by Nissan’s own technicians in the Nissan factory.
  2. Guaranteed Fit and Function:  Aftermarket suppliers will often tell you their parts should fit and do the job. With genuine parts, there is no guesswork – the parts are guaranteed to fit and perform as intended.
  3. Expertise and Knowledge:  Only Nissan dealers have access to up-to-date Nissan specific technical information. Our own parts team are Nissan specialists and have a wealth of knowledge to draw upon to make sure you have the right part for your vehicle.
  4. Warranty: Nissan genuine parts carry a 24 month, 20,000km warranty.

Genuine Nissan Accessories

Nissan Genuine Accessories are specifically designed and manufactured to give you excellent fit, reliability and performance.

From protection or convenience, to personalisation, safety or technology- a wide range of Nissan accessories are available to customise your Nissan and to suit your personal lifestyle.

Our team are specialists in accessories for Nissans, there are lots of options available for all models and our team can make sure that you get the right option and the right fit every time.

To enquire about vehicle parts & accessories:

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